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Welcome to Westbury Signs

Westbury Signs is a group of companies incorporating Chegworth Graphics, Engravasales and GSW. Together we can provide you the complete solution for all your graphic, signage, engraving and workwear requirements. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


Our website is currently under construction. - 17 July 2015


Our website is currently under construction. 

Please contact us on 01634 861902 or info@westburysigns.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.


Westbury Signs

Westbury Signs offer complete professional sign design, sign print and a sign installation service. 

Westbury Signs manufacture a large range of high quality signage using our up to date modern machinery and printers. We supply and install signs all over London and the Southeast. NO job is to big or too small.

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are here ready to help. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions at info@westburysigns.co.uk or stop by and park for free to discuss your requirements.

Listed here are some of the range of products we provide.

  • Banner printing service 

  • Exhibition graphics

  • Graphic services

  • Illuminated signs

  • Magnetic signs

  • Plaque makers

  • Poster makers

  • Safety signs

  • Shop signs

  • Sign makers

  • Traffic signs

  • Vehicle graphics

  • Vinyl signs



Featured Service


Need help with high installations -

1 Person, 1 Monkey Tower and work at over 6m high

  • Set-up by one person within 5 minutes of arriving at site
  • Platform simply winds into position
  • no batteries or hydraulics to maintain Lifts 75kgs of tools and equipment
  • no hoists needed
  • Towed behind any towbar equiped car or van
  • 380kg weight and large road wheels make it a simple one man job to move by hand, even over rough surfaces
  • Minimum width of just 700mm lets the Monkey Tower fit through a single 2’6” doorway or gate
  • Wind down legs- level, even on rough ground
  • Maximum working height of 6.5m (21ft)
  • Latches every 25cm (10”) to maximum height

Monkey Tower doesn't require PASMA or IPAFThe Monkey Tower doesn't require PASMA or IPAF qualifications

*** Call for a competitive hire price

Monkey Tower or Trailer Mounted Scaffold Tower

An innovative unfolding scaffolding system; ideal for jobs that have traditionally been done by scaffold towers, cherry pickers, scissor lifts or ladders.

Easily and Quickly Erected

Monkey Tower can be put up by a single person within five minutes of arriving at site. Unlike a scaffold tower the entire erection procedure is carried out at ground-level and with single piece construction there are no parts to lose.

With the Monkey Tower is in position just:

  1. Set the stabiliser jacks.
  2. Pull ladder into position.
  3. Winch up the platform.
  4. Climb and get to work. Monkey Tower latches at 0.25m intervals a maximum working height of 6.5m (21ft). Lifts Tools and Equipment Up to 75kg of tools and equipment can be placed in the platform of Monkey Tower.

Then it is a simple case of winching the platform up, raising the equipment at the same time. No more carrying tools precariously up a ladder or setting up hoists to raise equipment.

Fits Through a Single Door

With Monkey Tower's height of 1.9m and width of 1.13 m it easily fits through a double doorWith Monkey Tower's height of 1.9m and width of 1.13 m it easily fits through a double door. By sliding the wheels in the width can be reduced to 0.82m. By sliding the leg-jacks off the width can be reduced even further to 0.7m (2'4") allowing it to pass through a domestic single door.

Easily Moved on Site

The light weight (380 kg) of Monkey Tower and built in roadwheels make the Monkey Tower simple for even a single person to manoeuver around site.

Unlike many other pieces of access equipment, the ground type (mud, grass or even gravel) is not a barrier to using the Monkey Tower.

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